Rima Birt

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Rima Birt

Lat: 21.0°S, Long: 9.0°W, Length: 50 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 54

external image normal_rupes2006-05-07a.jpg
Mario Weigand; The rille is to the left (west) of the Straight Wall.


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The Birt Rille is a slightly curved ~50 km long channel that starts and ends in a pit. Presumably the north end is its origin for the rille/pit there widens and elongates and bisects a low dome. Thierry LeGault's excellent image reveals a short parallel rille that cuts the western edge of the dome. His image also shows a series of offsets in the rille just south of the elongated pit, and a major offset half-way down the rille. Such offsets are unlikely in a lava channel/tube made by flowing lava - which is the origin for sinuous rilles - and suggests that faulting has occurred. But the association of the rille with the dome is strongly indicative of a lava channel origin, so the implication is that the small scale faulting occurred later. This is an uncomfortable interpretation because there is no evidence of faults in the lava except for the offsets. This is officially weird. - tychocrater Jun 30, 2007

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Rima Birt

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Named from nearby crater. (Birt)
Called Rima Birt I on Chart 82 in the Times Atlas of the Moon.

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