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Lat: 10.21°N, Long: 124.06°E, Diam: 17.55 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image recht_ortho100m_edit.serendipityThumb.png

external image normal_recht.clem1.jpg

Left: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University
Right: Clementine


LPOD Photo Gallery Lunar Orbiter Images Apollo Images

Apollo 10's orbital photographs of the bright crater Recht

  • Apollo 10's orbital color-Hasselblad frame AS10-35-5198 of the not-indexed Magazine 35/U shows a northward looking view at the fully sunlit Recht (with bright radial streaks on its inner slopes).
  • Almost the same view as the one depicted in the above mentioned color photograph (AS10-35-5198) is the B-and-W frame AS10-33-4917. The LPI's description below this photograph says: Ostwald (which is partially true because Recht's location is very near (or at) the eastern part of Ostwald's rim).
  • Another couple of Apollo 10's orbital photographs which show the bright Recht are AS10-30-4347 and 4348.

Research: Danny Caes

Apollo 16's orbital photographs of Recht

  • Orbital ITEK-panoramic frame AS16-P-4813 shows crater Recht near the frame's right margin.
  • Orbital ITEK-frames AS16-P-4986 and AS16-P-4991 show Recht in the right half of both frames.
  • Orbital Fairchild Mapping/Metric frame AS16-M-0751 shows Recht immediately to the right of the frame's centre.
  • Orbital Fairchild frame AS16-M-1315 shows Recht in the centre of it.
  • TEC (Trans Earth Coast) ITEK-panoramic frame AS16-P-5507 shows Recht touching the frame's upper horizontal margin. AS16-P-5510 shows Recht and nearby Ostwald.

Research: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 65B4) LTO map


Small crater with bright high-albedo inner slopes, on (or very near) the eastern part of the much larger crater Ostwald.



Additional Information


Albert William Recht (1892–1962) was an American mathematician and astronomer. He was most noted for his work on the popularization of astronomy. During the 1950s he began a popular program of public viewing nights at the Chamberlain Observatory.

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