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Lat: 28.4°S, Long: 14.4°E, Diam: 57 km, Depth: 1.8 km, Rükl: 56

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Pontanus E, the fourth item in C.A.Wood's list of Concentric Craters (1978), was captured on Lunar Orbiter 4's photograph LOIV-96-h1 (Pontanus E is noticeable a little bit above and right of the frame's centre).
Research: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 96D4) LAC map Geologic map


Description: Elger

(IAU Directions) PONTANUS.--An irregular ring-plain, 28 miles in diameter, S.S.E. of Azophi, with a low broken border, interrupted on the S.E. by a smaller ring-plain, which forms one of a group extending towards the S.E. The dark floor includes a central mountain.

Description: Wikipedia


Additional Information


  • Giovanni Gioviano Pontano (1426 - September 17, 1503) was an Italian astronomer, humanist and poet.
  • Pontanus A (or C?) was called Benitez by Wilkins and Moore following Antonio Paluzíe Borrell, but the IAU did not accept that name. Benitez was a Spanish astronomer (1879-1954) and director del instituto de la marina y del observatorio de San Fernando.

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