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Concentric craters

(glossary entry and list)

Hesiodus A new.jpg
Concentric Crater Hesiodus A (LRO)


Small craters (average diameter 8 km) containing a lower inner ring of undetermined origin.

Wood's List

This list is a survey and investigation of the original numbered list published in 1978 by C.A.Wood (see Bibliography below).
  • List with additional information compiled by Danny Caes.

All linked-to images below credit: NASA, USGS Map-A-Planet, USGS Astrogeology Research Program, and Lunar & Planetary Institute. LTVT was used in the annotation of features shown in some images, with some additional annotation here and there using Photoshop Elements.

Eastern hemisphere

1 - Archytas G (southwest of Archytas, west of Protagoras)(almost touching the southern "coastline" of Mare Frigoris, east-northeast of Plato). See paper on Archytas G below in Bibliography.
external image archytasscc.jpg
2 - near Réaumur B (slightly northeast of Gyldén and east of Réaumur A).
external image reaumurcc.jpg
3 - Egede G (very near the northeastern end of Vallis Alpes).
external image egedecc.jpg
4 - Pontanus E (north-northwest of Pontanus, southwest of Sacrobosco, south-southeast of Azophi).
external image pontanuscc.jpgPontanus E.jpg
5 - near the southwestern part of the ring Torricelli R
external image torricellicc.jpgnr Torricelli.jpg
6 - south-southeast of Beaumont, north of Beaumont P
external image beaumontcc.jpgnr Beaumont.jpg
7 - Crozier H (south-west o Crozier).
external image croziercc.jpgCrozier H.jpg

8 - southwest of Endymion
external image endymioncc.jpgnr Endymion.jpg
9 - Apollonius N (east of Apollonius itself, south of the dark-floored Firmicus).
external image apolloniuscc.jpg
10 - near Legendre (a difficult case: should be somewhere northwest of Legendre and south of Palitzsch B).
external image legendrecc.jpg
11 - west-southwest of Dubyago
external image dubyagocc.jpgnear Dubyago.jpg
12 - immediately east-southeast of (or almost touching) the dark mare-like region Schubert N, south of Liouville.
external image schubertcc.jpg
13 - on the floor of Humboldt
external image humboldtcc.jpg
14 - immediately south of Hamilton
external image hamiltoncc.jpg
15 - northeast of Jeans (the possible "Concentric" look of this (so-called) Concentric Crater is, as I see it, a mystery).
external image jeanscc.jpg
16 - east of Chamberlin (this CC is the central one in a curious row of three bowl-shaped craters).
external image chamberlincc.jpg
17 - in Pasteur (almost at the centre of Pasteur, near Pasteur M).
external image pasteurcc.jpg
18 - near Jules Verne (southwest of Jules Verne, slightly northwest of Jules Verne P).
external image julesvernecc.jpg
19 - near Geiger (southeast of Geiger, near Geiger L).
external image geigercc.jpg
20 - on the floor of Vertregt (slightly east-southeast of Vertregt K). In C.A.Wood's original list it is mentioned as "near Aitken" (N° 20).
external image aitkencc.jpg

Western Hemisphere

21 - Archimedes F (MacMillan)
external image archimedescc.jpg
22 - Hesiodus A (probably the most telescope-friendly and most well-known example of this kind of craters).
external image hesioduscc.jpgHesiodus A new.jpg
23 - Gambart J (west-southwest of Gambart itself).
external image gambartcc.jpg
24 - near Laplace E (north of Montes Recti).
external image laplacecc.jpg
25 - Fontenelle D (the northern and larger one of the distinct couple Fontenelle B and D, west-southwest of Fontenelle itself).
external image fontanellecc.jpg
26 - on the western part of **Blancanus C**'s rim (north of Klaproth, southwest of Blancanus itself).
external image blancanuscc.jpg
27 - Marth
external image marthcc.jpgMarth.jpg
28 - immediately west of La Condamine F
external image lacondaminecc.jpg
29 - Hainzel H (east of the "Dark V"; an officially unnamed lacus-like region at 37° South/ 35° West).
external image hainzelcc.jpg
30 - near Bouguer B
external image bouguerbcc.jpg
31 - near Bouguer A
external image bougueracc.jpg
32 - near J. Herschel F (south east of crater), among several twisted arc-shapes.
external image jherschelcc.jpg
33 - immediately west-northwest of Mons Gruithuisen Gamma Gruithuisen .
external image gruithuisenmcc.jpg
34 - Gruithuisen K (north-northeast of the unnamed chain of teardrop-shaped depressions once photographed by the CMP of Apollo 15: Alfred Worden).
external image gruithuisenkcc.jpgexternal image gruithuisenkcc2.jpgexternal image gruithuisenk-lroc.pngGruithuisen K new.jpgexternal image Gk.jpg
Above: 1.USGS 2. Kaguya/SELENE 3. LROC
35 - west-northwest of Clausius and northwest of Clausius E
external image clausiuscc.jpg
36 - Mersenius M (on the eastern part of Mersenius's floor).
external image merseniuscc.jpg
37 - Louville DA
external image louvillecc.jpg
38 - Damoiseau BA (west of Sirsalis E).
external image damoiseaubacc.jpg
39 - near Lagrange T
external image lagrangecc.jpg
40 - Lagrange T
external image lagrangenearcc.jpgLagrange T.jpg
41 - west-southwest of Markov
external image markovcc.jpg
42 - immediately east of Cruger (between Cruger and Cruger E).
external image crugercc.jpg
43 - near Rocca F
external image roccacc.jpg
44 - Cavalerius E
external image cavaleriuscc.jpg
45 - southeast of Lavoisier, near Lavoisier A. Lunar Orbiter 4's photograph LOIV-183-h2 (immediately east of the above mnetioned LOIV-189-h2), shows Concentric Crater No45, west of Lavoisier A, located on a small system of low ridge-like hills. Research: Danny Caes.
external image lavoisiercc.jpg
46 - Repsold A The LPIs Hi-Res scan of Lunar Orbiter 4's photograph LOIV-189-h3 shows Repsold and its Concentric Crater Repsold A near the frame's left margin. Repsold A is the 46th item in C.A.Wood's list of Concentric Craters (1978). LO-IV-189H Repsold is the large circular enclosure in the center. Straddling its southwest rim is 44-km Repsold G, through which runs a part of Rimae Repsold. The 9-km concentric crater on the northeast floor of Repsold is Repsold A. Beyond it, outside the main rim is 38-km Repsold B (upper right corner). Maps: (LAC zone 22D1) USGS Digital Atlas. Research: Danny Caes.
external image repsoldcc.jpg
47 - in Struve
external image struvecc.jpg
48 - in Lavoisier
external image lavoisieracc.jpg. external image lavoisier-kaguya.jpg. Kaguya/SELENE view
49 - in Minkowski
external image minkowskicc.jpg
50 - on the northern part of the basin Apollo
external image apollocc.jpg
51 - near De Vries
external image devriescc.jpg

The thumbnail below will give you a general view of C.A. Wood's official list of Concentric Craters on the Moon.


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Additional CC's

Concentric craters and possible concentric craters, not mentioned in C. A. Wood's original list
  • Several photographs of the moon's far side, made by ZOND 8, show the northern part of the Apollo basin. For example: Frame 41 shows Apollo's north-western part near the frame's upper-right corner (above the black disc with white numbers in it). Above this black disc (about "halfway" between the black disc and the frame's upper margin) at 31° South/ 154° West is a Concentric Crater Research: Danny Caes
  • southwest of Aitken (on the floor of Vertregt), see AS15-P-8859, and AS15-P-8861 (this CC is located near the right margins of both frames). See also AS17-150-22964(because of the high solar illumination in this Hasselblad photograph, the "double walled" appearance of the Concentric Crater is not very distinct). Note that this Concentric Crater is not the same as N°20 in C.A.Wood's list!
    • external image aitkencc.jpg
  • in Bell (Bell E). The LPIs Hi-Res scan of Lunar Orbiter 4's photograph LOIV-196-h3 shows Bell and its Concentric Crater Bell E near the frame's left margin. This Concentric Crater was not catalogued in the list prepared by C.A.Wood (1978). Research: Danny Caes. Maps (LAC zone 54C1) USGS Atlas PDF.
    • external image bellcc.jpg
  • Bonpland D (only one part of Bonpland D's rim is "double", probably caused by the nearby Dorsum Guettard).
    • external image bonplandcc.jpg
  • near Cassini C
    • external image cassinicc.jpg
  • East of Crisium Basin
    • external image CCEastCrisium.jpg- JohnMoore2
  • In Mare Crisium's north-western floor (west of crater Swift).
    • external image crisiumcc.jpgexternal image Dorsum-Oppel-small.jpg- JohnMoore2
  • Damoiseau D (the bowl-shaped crater southwest of Damoiseau itself).
    • external image damoieaudcc.jpg
  • Demoraes (east of Demoraes itself).
    • external image demoraescc.jpg- JohnMoore2
  • Edith near Bowditch and Lacus Solitudinis (looks remarkably Concentric on four of Apollo 15's orbital ITEK-panoramic frames!).
  • in Fermi(uncertain or unconfirmed) - JohnMoore2
    • external image fermicc.jpg
  • in Firmicus M(uncertain or unconfirmed) - JohnMoore2
    • external image firmicuscc.jpg
  • Fizeau Q(uncertain or unconfirmed) - JohnMoore2
    • external image fizeaucc.jpg
  • in Fraunhofer(uncertain or unconfirmed) - JohnMoore2
    • external image fraunhofercc.jpg
  • in Ginzel(uncertain or unconfirmed) - JohnMoore2
    • external image ginzelcc.jpg
  • west of Kapteyn(uncertain or unconfirmed) - JohnMoore2
    • external image kapteyncc.jpg
  • Kepinsky(?)
    • external image kepinskycc.jpg
  • Krafft H(uncertain)
    • external image kraffthcc.jpg
  • Krafft K(uncertain)
    • external image krafftkcc.jpg
  • Lamarck B, see LOIV-168-h1
    • external image lamarckcc.jpg
  • Leakey
    • external image leakeycc.jpg
  • in Lee M(uncertain or unconfirmed) - JohnMoore2 Yes, a CC - Tychocrater
    • external image leeMcc.jpg
  • in Louville A(uncertain or unconfirmed) - JohnMoore2 Still uncertain, maybe no - Tychocrater
    • external image louvilleacc.jpg
  • near Marinus C(uncertain or unconfirmed) - JohnMoore2 No, looks like a chance impact - Tychocrater
    • external image marinuscc.jpg
  • near Mersenius S or C
    • external image merseniuscc.jpg
  • slightly "double walled" crater in Parrot
    • external image parrotcc.jpg
  • Riccioli C/CA
    • external image ricciolicc.jpg
  • west of Schomberger C
    • external image schombergercc.jpg
  • east ofStark(uncertain or unconfirmed) - JohnMoore2
    • external image starkcc.jpg
  • in Street M
    • external image streetcc.jpg
  • Possible Concentric Crater at 17° North/ 77°30' West (only the western part of it shows a "double rim", see LOIV-182-h2) (might be Krafft H, see also Krafft K east of Krafft H).
    • external image kraffthcc.jpg
  • Possible Concentric Crater La Condamine SA, at 57°30' North/ 26°30' West (west of the bright ray-crater La Condamine S). See: LOIV-145-h3. Note also the field of curious twisted arc-shapes in the neighborhood of this possible Concentric Crater.

  • Surveyor 1
    • surveyor-small.jpg
    • The series of images above show examples of several CC lookalikes in the region of the Surveyor 1 site taken by the onboard Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter (LRO) Camera. NB. This is just one example of where possible CCs may be found from this source -- browse and explore the archives here. Click image for larger view. - JohnMoore2

    • These are concentric craters but not the same size range as what is otherwise referred to as concentric craters on the Moon. Each of these is the result of a single small impact into layered lava flows, with a crater formed in each hard lava surface. The fact that kilometer-size CC form near edges of maria is possible evidence that they too result from impacts into layers. I don't think that is the answer, but it could be. - tychocrater Nov 25, 2009

CC's and handcuff-shaped arcs

  • A curious field of twisted bay- and arc-shapes; "handcuffs" (the remains of small craters and crater-like depressions in the shape of open and closed handcuffs) is noticeable in the part of Mare Frigoris between J. Herschel and La Condamine, and north-northeast of La Condamine.
    There seems to be an abundance of Concentric Craters in regions where this kind of twisted bay- and arc-shapes is scattered all over and in quite large amounts.
    The central section of photograph LO IV-152-H1 and the upper half of photograph LO IV-145-H3 show the field of the twisted bay- and arc-shapes (and Concentric Craters) very well.

- DannyCaes Nov 10, 2009

Alphabetical List

Arrangement is based on the craters/lettered craters referencing the concentric crater.
C.A.Wood No.
Apollonius N

Archimedes F

Archytas G

Beaumont P
Bell E

Blancanus C
Bonpland D

Bouguer A
Bouguer B
Cassini C

Cavalerius E

near, uncertain
Clausius E

Crisium East

Crozier H

Damoiseau BA

Damoiseau D

De Moraes
near, uncertain

De Vries
Egede G

Firmicus M

Fizeau Q

Fontanelle D


Gambart J

in, unconfirmed

Gruithuisen K

Gruithuisen M
Hainzel H

Hesiodus A

J. Herschel F
Jules Verne


Krafft H

Krafft K

La Condamine F
Lagrange T

Lagrange T
Lamarck B

Laplace E
near, uncertain
Lavoisier A


Lee M
in, unconfirmed

Louville A
in, unconfirmed

Louville DA

Marinus C
near, unconfirmed


Mersenius M

Mersenius S


Pontanus E

Reaumur B
Repsold A
Riccioli C/CA

Rocca F
Schomberger C

Schubert N

Street M

Surveyor 1

Torricelli R

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