Mons Penck

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Mons Penck

Lat: 10.0°S, Long: 21.6°E, Diam: 30 km, Height: 4 km, Rükl 46

external image normal_Mons-Penck_LO-IV-084H_LTVT.JPGLO-IV-084H Mons Penck is the elevated area in the center. To its northeast is the 20-km ring of Kant C; and along the left margin, is the shadowed east rim of Kant itself. The irregular 7-km pit in the upper left is Kant C. The dark bar across the middle of the frame is a development defect in the Lunar Orbiter film.


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- Two "forgotten" orbital Hasselblads of Kant and nearby Mons Penck, made during the mission of Apollo 12 :
AS12-50-7427 AS12-50-7428 (in both east-looking oblique frames, Kant is the pronounced crater just above centre. Mons Penck itself is the promontory slightly to the upper left of it).
- Wonderful close-ups of Mons Penck were made during the mission of Apollo 16, on orbital ITEK-panoramic frames AS16-P-4540 and AS16-P-4545. In both ITEK-frames, Mons Penck's location is a bit leftward of centre.
Additional research Hasselblad and ITEK-photographs: Danny Caes


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Description: Wikipedia

Mons Penck

Additional Information

Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
  • Viscardy, 1985: 4 km


Albrecht; German geographer (1858-1945).
  • The name Mons Penck was provisionally introduced on LTO 78C1 (Oct. 1974).
  • Because this is quite a pronounced promontory, it's a mystery why this surface formation didn't receive its own designation before 1974, for example a Greek letter. Chart 72 in the Times Atlas of the Moon doesn't show any kind of designation. - DannyCaes Jul 24, 2014

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