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(formerly Taruntius M)

Lat: 7.35°N, Long: 43.29°E, Diam: 24.02 km, Depth: 0.85 km, Rükl 37

external image Lawrence_LO_iv_066_h1.jpg
LOIV 066 H1


LPOD Photo Gallery Lunar Orbiter Images Apollo Images (Taruntius M)
- Lawrence was also captured on Apollo 17's panoramic ITEK-camera frames AS17-P-2971 and AS17-P-2976. When you explore these frames, it is not necessary to scroll to the right because Lawrence is already visible near the screen's centre.
- Research: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 61C1) LAC map Geologic map AIC map LTO map




Additional Information

Ancient Taruntius-sized crater southeast of Lawrence?

SLC-map A4 shows the remains of (what seems to be) some sort of Taruntius-sized crater southeast of Lawrence (between Lawrence and Taruntius).


  • According to the IAU Planetary Gazetteer, this feature name honors two men:
    • Ernest Orlando Lawrence (August 8, 1901 – August 27, 1958), an American physicist and Nobel Laureate best known for his invention, utilization, and improvement of the cyclotron beginning in 1929, and his later work in uranium-isotope separation in the Manhattan Project. In 1939, Lawrence was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the cyclotron and its applications.
    • Robert Henry Lawrence, Jr. (October 2, 1935 - December 8, 1967), a United States Air Force Major. Lawrence was selected for the Air Force's little-known Manned Orbital Laboratory spy program and is hence regarded by some as the first African-American astronaut although he apparently never flew in space. He was killed on December 8, 1967, in the crash of an F-104 Starfighter at Edwards Air Force Base, California.
  • The approval of the name Lawrence for this formerly lettered crater was announced in IAU Transactions XVB (1973). The honoree was not identified. According to IAU Transactions XVA the name Lawrence (presumably a reference to E. O.) had been previously considered as a farside name, but was rejected because of the similarity of sound to Lorentz.
  • The name was apparently first used on LTO 61C1 (March 1974).
  • Early printouts of the Gazetteer identify the name as honoring E. O. Lawrence. Robert Lawrence was added as an honoree at some later date. Neither identification was ever published in the IAU Transactions, but biographical information ("E. O.") was unofficially reported in Ashbrook, 1974.

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