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Ashbrook: "New Names on the Moon" (1974)

(glossary entry)


This unofficial news article provides biographical information, not elsewhere available, about some of the new names appearing in the cumulative list published in IAU Transactions XVB, and other information about changes made at the August 1973 IAU meeting in Sydney, Australia, of which those Transactions are the official record.

Additional Information

  • As with other IAU Transactions, it is apparent that some of the things the official record implies were "approved" by the General Assembly were actually finalized after the meeting. For example, the new name Carmichael must have been inserted after the meeting since it could not have been known in August that the honoree would die later in the year, allowing use of his name.
  • Similarly the "management" seems to have thought better of some of the things the reporter was told had been to agreed to in August, and suppressed them in the final record. For example, the new lunar topography descriptor terms anguis and ruina are not mentioned anywhere other than in this news article.

LPOD Articles


  • Ashbrook, J. 1974. "New Names on the Moon." Sky and Telescope. Vol 47, No. 3 (March issue), pp. 170-171.