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Ewen Whitaker's Invalid Names -- Annotated

The following is an annotated version of Ewen Whitaker's list of Invalid Lunar Names. - DannyCaes has added notes including the numbers of LTO and Lunar Topophotomaps on which the names appear and the correct IAU-names in bold. Feel free to add additional comments, entries and annotations, but please do not edit the original list. - Jim Mosher

Unapproved names etc. on LTO charts

(excluding the 44 writers etc. specifically disallowed in 1976) (see end for them)

1. The generic terms "collis" and "fossa" were not approved for use on the Moon, following the recommendations of LPACC -- see Tr. IAU XVI B p. 300, 5(a) 1976

Collis Aristarchus, LTO 38-B2/ 38-B3/ 38-B4/ 39-A4.
Fossa Apollonius, LTO 62-D1/ 62-D3/ 62-D4.
Fossa Archimedes, LTO 41-A4.
Fossa Bradley, LTO 41-A3/ 41-B4/ 41-D2.
Fossa Caruso, LTO 38-B2. (LPOD A New Theory; Part 1 and Part 2).
[Fossa Casals], LTO 61-A3.
[Fossa Cauchy], LTO 61-A3.
Fossa Chacornac, LTO 43-A4.
Fossa Littrow, LTO 42-C2/ 43-A4/ 43-D1.
Fossa Maclear, LTO 60-B1.
Fossa Messier, LTO 79-B1.
Fossa Römer, LTO 43-A4.
Fossa Rudolf, Lunar Topophotomap 42C3S3(50).
Fossa Siegfried, Lunar Topophotomap 100C1S1(50).
Fossa Tetrazzini, LTO 41-A3/ 41-B4. Lunar Topophotomap 41A3S1(50).
Fossa Yangel', LTO 41-C4.
-Fossae Alphonsus-, Lunar Topophotomap 77D3S1(50). - DannyCaes Nov 30, 2007
Fossae Fresnel, LTO 41-B4.
Fossae Goclenius, LTO 79-B4.
Fossae Gutenberg, LTO 79-A3.
Fossae Littrow, LTO 42-C2/ 43-A4/ 43-D1. Lunar Topophotomap 42C2S1(50).
Fossae Menelaus, LTO 42-D3.
Fossae Parry, LTO 76-C1.
Fossae Plinius, LTO 42-C3/ 42-C4. Lunar Topophotomap 42C4S1(50).
Fossae Pavlova, LTO 42-B3/ 42-C2.
Fossae Secchi, LTO 61-C4.
Fossae Sulpicius Gallus, LTO 41-C2/ 42-D1.
Fossae Taruntius, LTO 61-C2.

The following names from this list were never approved either: Caruso, Casals, Pavlova, Tetrazzini

2. The following names for rima or rimae were never approved:

Beethoven, LTO 39-A3. Lunar Topophotomap 39A3S1(50).
Brahms, LTO 39-B1/ 39-B2. Lunar Topophotomap 39B2S1(25).
Chopin, LTO 38-B2. Lunar Topophotomap 38B2S1(50).
Gluck, LTO 39-B4.
Handel, LTO 39-A3.
Mozart, LTO 41-A3/ 41-B4.
Rimsky-Korsakov, LTO 39-B3.
Sibelius, LTO 38-B2.
Telemann, LTO 39-A3.
Verdi, LTO 39-B2.

3. The following crater names were never approved:

Kovalevskij -- erroneous spelling for name already on farside. Timocharis B, LTO 40-B3.
Noether -- name already on farside. Cauchy D, LTO 61-B4.
Al-Tusi, Rupes Al-Tusi, Mons Al-Tusi: Al-Tusi = Nasireddin a nearside name since 1834. King Y, LTO 65-C1/ 65-D2. Lunar Topophotomap 65D2S1(50).
Ibn Hayyan - never in name bank. Zwicky N, LTO 85-C3/ 103-B2.

Other errors on LTO charts

Moved from their traditional locations. WGPSN (197x) did not approve, on reccomendation of LPAC via TGLN. Thus LTO ID's incorrect:

  • Franz
  • Lyell
  • Hypatia

Also moved to new features. Approved (en masse) 1973, but above ruling invalidates this. All other maps show these in traditional locations. In particular, all Apollo 15 literature shows Hadley as "Mons":

  • Da Vinci
  • Hadley

Numbering system dropped in 1976. see above ref. (Tr. IAU XVI B) p. 351, no. 9:

  • Rima Aristarchus VI
  • Rima Aristarchus VII
  • Rima Aristarchus VII

[Rima Schröter] -- should be Vallis Schröteri

[Fossa Casals] -- this is Rupes Cauchy!

Siegfried -- much too large a crater for first-name designation. Lunar Topophotomap 100C1S1(50).

Dorsa Ramsay -- not approved since Ramsay is a farside (since 1970) crater. Also, Ramsay not a geophysicist. LTO 39-B4.

Dorsa Lambert -- "dorsa" cannot be named after nearby craters (note: name on LTO-40B4 is [Dorsum Lambert]) Lambert R, LTO 40-B4/ 40-D2.

Ah, Jb, Xe, Zf, Ut, Väisälä Mz, Cleopatra (crater)

(Rupes Boris -- .....) (could not read note -- copy too faint - Jim Mosher) Lunar Topophotomap 39B2S2(25).

44 writers, etc. specifically disallowed in 1976:

Abduh -- Lyell A, LTO 61-A2.
Ariosto -- Hirayama C, LTO 82-A3.
Austen -- Hirayama M, LTO 82-D1.
Balzac -- Hirayama K, LTO 82-A3.
Baudelaire (southeast of Xenophon), LTO 101-B4.
Bernini -- Jansen L, LTO 61-A1.
Camoens (south of Schubert C, which is Doyle), LTO 63-C3.
- Apollo 10 photograph AS10-28-4156 shows Camoens near the centre of the frame (south is up).
Cellini -- Kastner S, LTO 81-B4.
Cervantes -- Wyld J, LTO 82-A2.
Chekhov -- Kastner R, (note: the name that appears on LTO 81-B4 is "Shekhov"- Jim Mosher)
Chenier -- Patsaev Q, LTO 102-A1.
Corneille (west of Chauvenet), LTO 84-D4.
Dario -- Brunner N, LTO 82-D1.
Defoe -- Kastner B, LTO 81-B4.
Doyle -- Schubert C, LTO 63-C4.
Dumas (east-northeast of Kastner), LTO 81-B4.
El Greco -- Vitruvius G, LTO 61-A1.
Firdausi -- Euler E, LTO 39-B3.
Grimm (near Volkov), LTO 84-D4.
Heine (near Volkov), LTO 84-D4.
Homer -- Stark V (?), LTO 102-D1.
Hugo -- Purkyne V, LTO 82-A1.
Hussein -- Cauchy A, LTO 61-A2.
James -- Lick F, LTO 61-B3/ 62-A4.
Johnson (west of Brunner), LTO 81-C2.
Li Po -- Hume Z, LTO 82-A1.
Longfellow -- Hirayama Q, LTO 82-A4.
Lorca -- Aratus CA, LTO 42-A4. Lunar Topophotomap 42A4S1(10) Lorca west, 42A4S2(10) Lorca east. - DannyCaes Nov 30, 2007
Mann -- Zhiritsky Z, LTO 101-B4.
Milton -- Purkyne S, LTO 82-A1.
Montaigne (south of Wyld J, which is Cervantes), LTO 82-A3.
Montesquieu -- Hirayama S, LTO 82-A4.
Novalis (south of Elmer), LTO 81-C1.
Pirandello (east of Peek), LTO 63-C3.
Pope (west of Brunner), LTO 81-C2.
Racine (southeast of Ludwig), LTO 82-D2.
Sappho -- Stark V (?), LTO 102-D1.
Sophocles (southwest of Diderot), LTO 101-A3/ 101-B4.
Tasso -- Purkyne U, LTO 82-A1.
Tolstoy -- Hirayama Y, LTO 82-A4.
Undest Undset is correct spelling. Lambert gamma. LTO 40-B4.
Vergil -- Stark R (?), LTO 102-D1.
Voltaire -- Pasteur T, LTO 82-D2.
Zola (south of Houtermans), LTO 81-C2.

also one entry of: Dubrovol'skiy

Gazetteer of Lunar Topographic Orthophotomaps which contain invalid names.

The official IAU-names are bold.
Gazetteer assembled by Danny Caes.

38-B2: Collis Aristarchus, Fossa Caruso, Rima Chopin, Rima Sibelius.
38-B3 en 38-B4: Collis Aristarchus.
39-A3: Rima Beethoven, Rima Handel, Rima Telemann.
39-A4: Collis Aristarchus.
39-B1: Rima Brahms.
39-B2: Rima Brahms, Rima Verdi.
39-B3: Firdausi (Euler E), Rima Rimsky-Korsakov.
39-B4: Dorsa Ramsay, Rima Gluck.
40-B3: Kovalevskij (Timocharis B).
40-B4: Dorsum Lambert (Lambert R), Mons Undest (Lambert gamma).
40-D1: Rima Euler.
40-D2: Dorsa Lambert (Lambert R).
41-A3: Fossa Bradley, Fossa Tetrazzini, Rima Mozart.
41-A4: Fossa Archimedes ("Feuillet" instead of Feuillée!).
41-B4: Fossa Bradley, Fossa Tetrazzini, Fossae Fresnel, Rima Mozart.
41-C2: Fossae Sulpicius Gallus.
41-C4: Fossa Yangel'.
41-D2: Fossa Bradley.
42-A4: Lorca (Aratus CA).
42-B3: Fossae Pavlova.
42-C2: Fossae Littrow, Fossae Pavlova.
42-C3 and 42-C4: Fossae Plinius.
42-D1: Fossae Sulpicius Gallus.
42-D3: Fossae Menelaus.
42-D4: Dorsa Sorby (an I.A.U.-name, not printed in Rukl's atlas).
43-A4: Fossa Chacornac, Fossa Littrow, Fossa Romer.
43-D1: Fossa Littrow.
60-B1: Fossa Maclear.
61-A1: Bernini (Jansen L), El Greco (Vitruvius G).
61-A2: Abduh (Lyell A), Hussein (Cauchy A).
61-A3: Fossa Casals (Rupes Cauchy), Fossa Cauchy (Rima Cauchy), Hussein (Cauchy A).
61-B1: (a strange case: Proclus A = "Lyell", while the IAU's Lyell (the crater) is nameless!).
61-B3: James (Lick F).
61-B4: Noether (Cauchy D).
61-C2: Fossae Taruntius.
61-C4: Fossae Secchi.
62-A4: James (Lick F).
62-D1, 62-D3, and 62-D4: Fossa Apollonius.
63-C3: Camoens, Doyle, Pirandello.
63-C4: Camoens, Doyle.
65-C1 and 65-D2: Al-Tusi (King Y).
76-C1: Fossae Parry.
79-A3: Fossae Gutenberg.
79-B1: Fossa Messier.
79-B4: Fossae Goclenius.
81-B4: Cellini, Defoe, Dumas, Shekhov.
81-C1: Novalis.
81-C2: Johnson, Pope, Zola.
82-A1: Hugo, Li Po, Milton, Tasso, Tolstoy.
82-A2: Ariosto, Cervantes.
82-A3: Ariosto, Balzac, Cervantes, Montaigne.
82-A4: Balzac, Longfellow, Montesquieu, Tolstoy.
82-D1: Austen (printed as "Austin"), Balzac, Dario, Longfellow.
82-D2: Balzac, Racine, Voltaire.
84-B3: the I.A.U.'s Van Den Bos was printed as: Bos.
84-D4: Corneille, Grimm, Heine.
85-C3: Ibn Hayyan (Zwicky N).
101-B4: Baudelaire, Mann, Sophocles.
102-A1: Chenier.
102-D1: Homer, Sappho, Vergil.
103-B2: Ibn Hayyan (Zwicky N).