G. Bond

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G. Bond

(Current IAU name; original IAU name: Bond or G.P. Bond)

Lat: 32.4°N, Long: 36.2°E, Diam: 20 km, Depth: 2.78 km, Rükl: 15

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Description: Elger

(IAU Directions) BOND, G.P..--A small bright ring-plain 12 miles in diameter, E. of Posidonius. Neison shows a crater both on the N. and S. rim. Schmidt omits these.

Description: Wikipedia

G. Bond

Additional Information


  • Named for George Phillips Bond (May 20, 1825 – February 17, 1865), an American astronomer. He was the son of William Cranch Bond. Some sources give his year of birth as 1826. He succeeded his father as director of Harvard College Observatory from 1859 until his death. He took the first photograph of a star in 1850 (Vega) and of a double star in 1857 (Mizar). He suggested photography could be used to measure a star's magnitude.
  • G.P. Bond is Entry 492 in Mary Blagg's Collated List (1913). It is listed as Bond (without the initials) in the text of the original IAU nomenclature of Named Lunar Formations (1935), although the Index refers to it as "Bond (G.P.)".
  • The name was modified to G. Bond (or possibly Bond, G.) as a result of certain spelling changes proposed by Gerard Kuiper and approved by the IAU in 1961.

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