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Lat: 25.79°N, Long: 52.4°W, Diam: 2.99 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 18

external image normal_Freud_LO-IV-157H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-157H Freud is the larger of the two touching shadowed circular craters to the upper left of center. Judging from its IAU size, the extension to the west and southwest is probably not regarded as part of the named feature. The 3-km or so channel winding across the frame (with the little 300-400 m wide rille meandering along its floor) is a small part of Vallis Schröteri.


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Freud was captured on Apollo 15's orbital panoramic ITEK-camera frame AS15-P-10342 (which is the brightest one of a stereoscopic pair of frames showing the partially shadowed Freud near Vallis Schroteri).
Research: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 38B3) LAC map Geologic map LM map LTO map




Additional Information

  • IAU page: Freud
  • From the shadows in LO-IV-157H, Freud is at least 600 m deep.


  • Named for Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), an Austrian psychoanalyst.
  • This name for a formerly was introduced on LTO-38B3 (for which it served as the chart title). It was previous unnamed.
  • Freud appears in the cumulative list of approved names in IAU Transactions XVB (1973). Since it does not appear in any prior IAU Transactions, it was probably approved at the 1973 meeting. Biographical information was unofficially reported in Ashbrook, 1974. - Jim Mosher

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