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Lat: 22.6°S, Long: 78.3°W, Diam: 49 km, Depth: 4.52 km, Rükl: 50

external image normal_Eichstadt_LO_4181_h1.jpgEichstadt.jpg
left: LOIV-181-h1 . right: LROC . Montes Cordillera are inmediately adjacent to Eichstadt west rim.


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(LAC zone 91B4) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


Description: Elger

(IAU Directions) EICHSTADT.--A ring-plain, 32 miles in diameter, near the W. limb, S. of Rocca. It is the largest and most southerly of three nearly circular enclosures, without central mountains or any other details of interest. On the E. lies a great walled-plain with a very irregular border, containing several ring-plains and craters, and a crater-rill. Schmidt has named this formation DARWIN.

Description: Wikipedia


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Lorentz Eichstadt (1596-1660) was a German mathematician and astronomer.

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A Bump in the Day (an extraordinary photograph of Eichstadt and environs by Pete Lawrence, interesting to compare with page 151 of Harold Hill's A Portfolio of Lunar Drawings)(see below; Bibliography).- DannyCaes Oct 16, 2008


A Portfolio of Lunar Drawings (Harold Hill), page 151 (the Eichstadt sector of the Mare Orientale region).