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Lat: 29.46°N, Long: 51.62°E, Diam: 31.92 km, Depth: 1.05 km, Rükl: 26

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LO-IV-191H 30-km Debes is the uppermost crater in this grouping, with 43-km Tralles to the right of center. Between them, below Debes, is 33-km Debes A, and to its left, the polygonal 19-km Debes B. The 11-km circular crater in the lower left is Tralles B. The rugged inner wall of the west rim of 125-km Cleomedes looms on the far right.


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Additional Information


  • Named for Ernst Debes (1840-1923), a German cartographer. "The Leipzig Geographical Institute of Wagner & Debes was the foremost German cartographic printer and publisher of cartographic work in the 19th- and early 20th century." Debes had been a student of Petermann. In 1922 he published a Moon atlas and "Handkarte." He is credited with adding one name later adopted by the IAU: the Jura Mountains.
  • This feature is Catalog number 179 in Mary Blagg's Collated List where it is noted that it was called Tralles m by Julius Schmidt, but unnamed by the other authorities.
  • In Named Lunar Formations the replacement name Debes is attributed to Karl Müller.
  • Kuiper reports in Table III of his Photographic Lunar Atlas (approved by the IAU) that he has modified the IAU boundary of this feature: Now applies only to the northern component of the I.A.U. Debes.
  • The designations Debes A and B for the southern components appear to have been introduced in the System of Lunar Craters.

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