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Lat: 7.6°S, Long: 2.1°E, Diam: 22 km, Depth: 2.03 km, Rükl: 44

external image Muller_LO_iv_101_h3.jpg
LOIV 101 H3
Muller at centre of frame, with Catena Muller west of it.


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  • Ranger 8 - Frame P003 shows a close-up of Muller and Catena Muller in the lower left one of the four photographs.
  • Post-sunrise views of Muller', made by Apollo 16's orbital panoramic ITEK-camera aboard CSM Caspers SIM-bay: AS16-P-4600 and AS16-P-4605 (to see Muller, scroll rightward beyond the central parts of both frames).
  • Research Ranger 8 and Apollo 16 photographs: Danny Caes


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Additional Information

Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
  • Westfall, 2000: 2.03 km
  • Viscardy, 1985: 0.21 km


  • Named for Karl Müller (1866-1942), a Czechoslovakian amateur astronomer who, as a retired government official, coauthored Blagg and Müller Named Lunar Formations for the IAU. Müller is also noted in IAU Transactions III (1928) as being in the act of preparing a map of the Moon of his own, and in IAU Transactions IV (1932) as having prepared extensive lists of corrections and extensions to Blagg's Collated List (including correspondences to other maps and catalogs). Although the IAU endorsed publishing the latter, funds were reportedly not available, and neither seems to have emerged.
  • In IAU Transactions III (page 119) Müller's name is listed as having been proposed by Lamèch as a replacement for Collated List Number 3569 (the Parrot c of Neison, Schmidt and Mädler). Müller returned the favor (on the same page) by recommending Lamèch's name for Collated List Number 2831 (the Lubiniezky B of Neison, Schmidt and Mädler).
  • According to F. W. Dyson's Introduction to Named Lunar Formations (page V), acting on a recommendation made by Lamèch he personally insisted, over Dr. Müller's objections, that the name Müller be given to one of the formations in the final publication. The crater selected was Collated List Number 3618, which had been labeled Hipparchus r in Neison, 1876 (Julius Schmidt had reportedly used Hipparchus r to label a rille, Collated List Number 3636, which became Hipparchus Vr in Named Lunar Formations).
  • The pronounced chain of depressions west of Müller is unofficially called Catena Muller by D.Caes.

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