Catena Timocharis

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Catena Timocharis

Lat: 29.0°N, Long: 13.0°W, Length: 50 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 21

external image normal_Catena-Timocharis_AS-15-M-1548_LTVT.JPG
AS-15-M-1548 Although named on LTO-40B2, Catena Timocharis is hardly one of the Moon’s more noteworthy crater chains. It can be seen in this rectified Apollo 15 Metric Camera view as the somewhat vague line of craters extending vertically down the middle of this view – to the east of the unnamed small bright crater and mostly to the south of Dorsum Grabau (the ridge across the upper middle of the frame). The chain fades into the “glacis” of the crater Timocharis (which is at the bottom, outside the frame). The 5-km circular crater in the lower right is Timocharis B. There are several other crater chains in the left part of this view, some perhaps more striking, but none of them were named.


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Catena Timocharis

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List of Lunar Catenae.


Named from nearby crater. (Timocharis)
  • Catena Timocharis was among the many provisional names appearing on NASA’s LTO charts that were approved by the IAU “as now assigned and printed” (on those charts) in IAU Transactions XVIB.

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