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(formerly Scott A)

Lat: 85.24°S, Long: 53.65°E, Diam: 73.54 km, Depth: 3.74 km, Rükl 73

external image normal_degerlache-large.jpg


Left: Annotated image showing a general view of the South Pole region (click for larger view).
Middle: Portion of a larger image available here from the DIVINER Lunar Radiometer Experiment page.


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(LAC zone 144D1) USGS Digital Atlas PDF




Additional Information

  • IAU page: Nobile
  • Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
    • Westfall, 2000: 3.74 km
  • As measured by LTVT the shadows from the east wall indicate a drop of 2,300 m to what appears at first glance to be a strongly dome floor. The central region casts a shadow that drops 1,260 m to the west, possibly into a deeper crater in the floor(?). - Jim Mosher


  • Named for Umberto Nobile (January 21, 1885 – July 30, 1978), an Italian aeronautical engineer and Arctic explorer. Nobile is primarily remembered for having piloted the airship Norge that was the first aircraft both to reach the North Pole, and to cross the polar ice cap between Europe and America.
  • This name was proposed to the IAU by amateurs as part of their Luna Incognita project to fill in areas left blank on the Lunar Orbiter maps. It was approved in 1994 (IAU Transactions XXIIB).
  • Although listed in the IAU Planetary Gazetteer as replacing the former lettered crater designation Scott A, that name appears to have been part of Ewen Whitaker's effort to letter the farside for NASA RP-1097 (1982) and was never approved by the IAU.
  • The name Nobile is not printed on page 289 (LAC 144) of the Clementine Atlas (2004).- DannyCaes Oct 10, 2011

LPOD Articles


Alan M. MacRobert. 1993. Exploring the Moon's South Pole, Sky and Telescope, October issue, pages 66-67.

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