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Zasyadko - on the floor of Babcock

Lat: 3.9°N, Long: 94.2°E, Diam: 11 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image normal_Zasyadko_AS16-M-2731_LTVT.JPG


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- A fully illuminated Zasyadko was captured near the right margin of Apollo 15's orbital ITEK-panoramic frame AS15-P-9101. In this frame, Zasyadko is the "lower" one of the two bright bowl-shaped craters (both of them are within the boundaries of the much larger crater Babcock).
- Zasyadko was also captured on Apollo 16's ITEK-frame AS16-P-4908 (in this frame, Zasyadko is the "left" one of the two bright cone-shaped craters near the frame's right margin), see also AS16-P-5078 (Zasyadko at centre).
- On Apollo 17's ITEK-frames AS17-P-2133, AS17-P-2135, AS17-P-2138, and AS17-P-2140, it (Zasyadko) was captured near the left margins of all four the frames.
- Research orbital Apollo photography: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 64D4) LTO map


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Alexander Dmitrievich Zasyadko (1779 - May 27, 1837), Russian rocketry scientist, inventor.

  • This name was introduced on LTO-64D4 (September, 1974) on which it was listed as "approved by the IAU". It also appears with the same note on LTO-64D1 (October, 1974). It was not actually formally approved "as assigned" until 1976 IAU Transactions XVIB. It does not appear to have replaced any previous IAU-approved name for this feature. - Jim Mosher

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