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Wesley and Blagg Maps


Blagg and Müller were the authors of the 1935 IAU catalog Named Lunar Formations - Vol. 1 - Catalog, and although the cover of the accompanying map volume (Vol. 2 - Maps) is labelled as being authored by Blagg and Müller, the title page correctly gives the authors as W.H. Wesley and Mary A. Blagg and the title as Map of the Moon.

Cover Page

external image NLF-Maps-titleSMALL.jpg

Title Page

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Map Scans

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Additional Information

  • The map was published in 14 sections, with the features plotted on a Xi-Eta rectangular grid, showing their positions as seen in projection from Earth at mean libration.
  • According to Whitaker (p. 160), the central four sections (covering +/-0.6 in Xi and Eta, with a small additional margin), used existing outline maps drawn in ink by Wesley (apparently prior to 1914 -- Whitaker, p. 154), and subsequently labeled by Blagg. The published versions of these four sections have a scale of 36.5 inches to the lunar diameter (photographically reduced from the 50 inch original scale). The remaining ten sections were both drawn and labeled by Blagg, and are reproduced at scales varying from 30 to 33 inches to the lunar diameter (reduced from the original 1 meter). The background of Blagg's maps (based on unknown sources) was apparently completed prior to 1922 (Whitaker, pp. 158-159), with the features originally labeled (before final IAU names had been settled upon) with their numbers from the Collated List.

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  • Blagg, Mary A., K. Muller, W. H. Wesley, Samuel Arthur Saunder, and Julius Heinrich Georg Franz. 1935. Named lunar formations. London: P. Lund, Humphries.
    • Vol. II: Map of the moon, by W.H. Wesley and Mary A. Blagg, based on the fiducial measures of S.A. Saunder and J. Franz.