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Verne (with Artemis and Felix)

Lat: 24.9°N, Long: 25.3°W, Diam: 2 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 20

external image normal_Felix_Artemis_Verne_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-133H. The other IAU-named features in this field south of Mons La Hire and between Euler and Lambert are Felix and Artemis


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For orbital Apollo photographs of Verne, see page Artemis (which is the largest one of the triplet).


(LAC zone 40A4) LAC map Geologic map LTO map Topophotomap


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Latin male name.
  • According to NASA RP-1097, "Verne" is a Minor Feature whose name was originally intended only for use in connection with Topophotomap 40A4/S1(on which it is plotted).
  • This feature should not be confused with the farside crater Jules Verne.
  • On Antonin Rukl's chart 20 of his Atlas of the Moon, the name Verne was printed a bit too far to the southeast of its companion Artemis.- DannyCaes May 26, 2010

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