Vallis Snellius

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Snellius Valley

(IAU crater name: Vallis Snellius)

Lat: 31.1°S, Long: 56.0°E, Length: 592 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 69

external image normal_PETAVIUS%20AND%20VALLIS%20SNELLIUS.jpg
Maximilian Teodorescu, Petavius and Snellius Valley (the linear depression along bottom of image).


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(LAC zone 98D3) LAC map Geologic map


Description: Wikipedia

Vallis Snellius

Additional Information


- Named from nearby crater. (Snellius)
- Erroneously printed as VALLIS SNELLUS (without "i") on LAC 98, page 197 in the REVISED AND UPDATED EDITION of the Clementine Atlas of the Moon, 2012, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS.- DannyCaes Jan 9, 2013

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