Sculptured Hills

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Sculptured Hills (Apollo 17 site formation name)

Lat: 20.3°N, Long: 31.0°E, Diam: 8 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 25

external image normal_Apollo_17_North_Massif-Sculptured_Hills_AS17-M-0597_LTVT.JPG
AS17-M-0597 The Apollo 17 landing site is roughly mid-way between the Sculptured Hills and South Massif.


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  • Four "forgotten" Hasselblads of the Sculptured hills, photographed one orbit before landing; AS17-147-22464, 22465, 22466, and 22467. The last one of those four (AS17-147-22467) was included on pages 292-293 of the article EXPLORING TAURUS-LITTROW by Harrison H. Schmitt (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, september 1973). Research: Danny Caes

Sunrise circumstances at the western part of the Sculptured Hills near the Wessex Cleft

  • A survey of surface photographs made by Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt (Apollo 17, december 1972)
  • The first photographs were made at sun's elevation 16 degrees, the last ones at sun's elevation 38 degrees
  • Research: Danny Caes (- DannyCaes May 1, 2014)




*Gene's 360 degrees panorama at Station 7: Hasselblad frames AS17-146-22339 to 22363 (ALSJ, 166:26:19).
*Gene's 360 degrees panorama at Station 8: Hasselblad frames AS17-146-22375 to 22397 (ALSJ, 167:07:50).
*Jack's 360 degrees panorama at Station 8: Hasselblad frames AS17-142-21726 to 21745 (ALSJ, 167:26:25).

Research Apollo 17 photography: Danny Caes
LPI Apollo Image Atlas
ALSJ - Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (Eric M. Jones)
Exploring the Moon (David M. Harland)


(LAC zone 43D1) LAC map Geologic map LTO map


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Sculptured Hills

Additional Information

The Landing Site Name "Sculptured Hills" is plotted on Topophotomap 43D1/S1 .


Astronaut-named feature, Apollo 17 site.
A tiny crater near the base of the Sculptured Hills seems to have been called Smith, another one near Apollo 17's Station 8 was called SWP (Science Working Panel). Source: APOLLO 17 Preliminary Science Report.- DannyCaes May 8, 2014

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Harland, David M. Exploring the Moon; the Apollo expeditions (Springer, 1999).