Rimae Chacornac

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Rimae Chacornac

Lat: 29.07°N, Long: 31.16°E, Length: 100 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 25

external image normal_Rimae_Chacornac_LO-IV-079H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-079H Chacornac is the 51-km diameter crater above center, with the south rim of Posidonius above it. The arrows indicate the Rima Chacornac I and IV components of Rimae Chacornac as identified in the System of Lunar Craters and on LAC-43. Rima Chacornac I runs just to the west of 5-km Chacornac A (the crater on the floor) and 6-km Chacornac B (the crater on the rim). It terminates near 21-km Le Monnier A (the crater with the fluted rim at the bottom of the frame). Rima Chacornac IV runs from near an unnamed 8-km crater on the south rim of Posidonius to where it disappears into Le Monnier/Mare Serenitatis near 4-km Le Monnier K. The other two classic components of this rille system were Rima Chacornac II, which starts on the floor of Chacornac to the east of Rima Chacornac I; and Rima Chacornac III, which angles to the east of Rima Chacornac I;
outside the crater rim, at about 5 o-clock. Neither of these is easy to spot in this Lunar Orbiter view.


The possible locations of Chaconac II and III - Roman numeral designations (well-sinced dropped) - JohnMoore2
- JohnMoore2

LPOD Photo Gallery Lunar Orbiter Images Apollo Images The system of Rimae Chacornac was captured on Apollo 15's and Apollo 17's oblique north-looking Fairchild Metric-Mapping photographs. Since October 2017 it is possible to get a wonderful simulation of this oblique northward view (of the Posidonius-Chacornac region) in the new version of the LROC Act-React Quick Map (the rotateable digital moon's "3D" sphere).


(LAC zone 43A1) LAC map Geologic map



Rimae Chacornac

Additional Information

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Named after the nearby crater. (Chacornac)

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