Rima Cleopatra

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Rima Cleopatra

Lat: 30.0°N, Long: 53.8°W, Length: 14 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 8

external image normal_Rima-Cleopatra_Aloha_AS15-M-2483_LTVT.JPG
AS15-M-2483 Other IAU-named features in this view include Aloha and parts of Montes Agricola and Rima Agricola in the lower right.


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(LAC zone 38B2) LAC map Geologic map LM map LTO map Topophotomap


Description: Wikipedia

Montes Agricola

Additional Information

  • The typical width of Rima Cleopatra is 0.5 to 0.8 km, but it expands to an indefinite width to the east (at least 1.5 km before it fades).


  • Greek female name.
  • Number 82 in Debra Hurwitz's Atlas and Catalog of Sinuous Rilles.
  • According to NASA RP-1097, "Rima Cleopatra" is a Minor Feature whose name was originally intended only for use in connection with Topophotomap 38B2/S1(on which it is plotted).
  • Because "Cleopatra" is regarded as a given name it does not honor any particular Cleopatra.
  • Cleopatra (of Rima Cleopatra) is the most western one of the near side's small lunar formations which have generic "first names".- DannyCaes Jul 8, 2010

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