Rima Cauchy

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Rima Cauchy (aka Fossa Cauchy)

Lat: 10.5°N, Long: 38.0°E, Length: 140 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 36

external image normal_video0012%2006-11-08%2001-54-03Cauchy.jpg
Elias Chasiotis Cauchy is the large, very bright circular crater well below the center. Rima Cauchy is the very faint line above it. The more prominent line below it, parallel to Rima Cauchy, is Rupes Cauchy.


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  • AS08-13-2344 is perhaps the most well-known and most frequently reproduced orbital Hasselblad of Cauchy and the nearby Rima Cauchy and Rupes Cauchy. This extraordinary photograph was included on pages 616-617 of the article "A Most Fantastic Voyage" by Lt. Gen. Sam C. Phillips (The Story of Apollo 8's Rendez-Vous with the Moon; National Geographic, May 1969). Research: Danny Caes


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Rima Cauchy

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Named after the nearby crater. (Cauchy)
Called Fossa Cauchy on Lunar Topographic Orthophotomap 61A3.

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