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Dinsmore Alter: Pictorial Guide to the Moon (1963, 1967, 1973)

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Well illustrated popular text. 

Additional Information

  • Alter died in 1968, after preparing the 2nd edition.
  • The 3rd edition was revised and expanded by Joseph H. Jackson.
  • Contents:
    • Early Observations of the Lunar Surface
    • General Conditions at the Moon's Surface
    • Identification of Lunar Features
    • The Waxing Moon
    • The Full Moon
    • The Waning Moon
    • Copernicus Through the Month
    • Tycho Through the Month
    • Sunset on Ptolemaeus
    • The Nature of the Lunar Maria
    • The Nature of the Typical Mountain-Walled Plains
    • The Explosion of Craters
    • The Nature of the Domes and Small Craters of the Moon
    • The Nature of the Lunar Rays
    • Peculiar Features of the Surface
    • Residual Outgassing
    • Tides Today and Through the Ages
    • The Evolution of the Moon
    • Lunar Photographs from Space Vehicles (added in 2nd edition)
    • Lunar Photographs from the Surface (added in 3rd edition)
    • Man's Future on the Moon
    • Appendix
    • Glossary
    • Index

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  • 1st edition published in 1963.
  • 2nd edition published in 1967.
  • Alter, Dinsmore, and Joseph Hollister Jackson. 1973. Pictorial guide to the moon. New York: Crowell (3rd Edition),