Mons Usov

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Mons Usov - in the southeastern part of Mare Crisium

Lat: 12.0°N, Long: 63.0°E, Diam: 15 km, Height: 1.7 km, Rükl: 38

external image normal_Mons-Usov_LO-IV-191H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-191H Mons Usov is the isolated peak in the center.


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- An oblique south-looking view at Mons Usov is noticeable near the left margin of Apollo 17's orbital ITEK-panoramic frame AS17-P-2224.
- A high-sun near vertical close-up of Mons Usov is seen near the centre of Apollo 17's ITEK-frame AS17-P-2655.
Research: Danny Caes


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Mons Usov

Additional Information

  • The shadow in LO-IV-191H indicates a height of 1665 m for the northern peak. The southern peak is about 1460 m high, with the low spot between them dipping to 1290 m.


Mikhail Antonovich; Soviet geologist (1883-1939).

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