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Lat: 3.4°N, Long: 36.9°E, Diam: 3 km, Depth: 0.5 km, Rükl: 36

external image normal_Menzel_LO-IV-073H_LTVT.JPG
The craterlet Menzel, which was previously known as Maskelyne FC.


LPOD Photo Gallery Lunar Orbiter Images
- Bowl-shaped crater Menzel and a cat's paw -shaped cluster north-northwest of it were captured on several frames made by Lunar Orbiter 2. Frame 2032 is one of the photographs which show both Menzel and the cat's paw -shaped cluster.
- Menzel is also noticeable near the left margin of Apollo 8's orbital Hasselblad frame AS8-13-2278. This photograph is part of Apollo 8's Landmark Tracking Exercise over Mare Tranquillitatis. The odd horseshoe-shaped formation is Maskelyne F.
- It (Menzel) was also captured on one of Apollo 10's not-indexed Hasselblad photographs in Magazine 35-U. Try to detect the small Menzel on AS10-35-5211.
Research Lunar Orbiter 2, Apollo 8, and Apollo 10 photographs: Danny Caes
HiRes scan of Apollo 8 photograph: David Woods and Frank O'Brien (Apollo 8 Flight Journal).


(LAC zone 61D3) LAC map Geologic map AIC map LTO map


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Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
  • Westfall, 2000: 0.5 km


  • Donald Howard Menzel (April 11, 1901 - December 14, 1976) was an American astronomer and astrophysicist. He was one of the leading astronomers of his era, and also earned notoriety as an early skeptic of UFOs as an extraordinary phenomenon. Menzel initially performed solar research, but later concentrated on studying gaseous nebulae. His work with Lawrence Aller and James Gilbert Baker defined many of the fundamental principles of the study of planetary nebulae. Menzel was among the first theoretical astrophysicists in the world. He wrote A Field Guide to the Stars and Planets, part of the Peterson Field Guides. In addition to his academic and popular contributions to the field of astronomy, Menzel was a prominent skeptic concerning the reality of UFOs. He authored or co-authored three popular books debunking UFOs.
  • Menzel is a new name for a formerly unnamed crater that was provisionally introduced on LTO 61D3 -- a map of an otherwise nearly featureless part of Mare Tranquillitatis, for which it was used as the chart title. Menzel (the person being honored) was the recently deceased chairman of the IAU Commission that controlled lunar nomenclature. - Jim Mosher
  • Craterlet Menzel was officially known as Maskelyne FC, see AIC map 61D. - DannyCaes Sep 19, 2013

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By Donald H. Menzel:
Exploring Our Neighbor World: the Moon, National Geographic, February 1958.