Marco Polo

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Marco Polo

Lat: 15.52°N, Long: 2.04°W, Diam: 29.78 km, Depth: 0.36 km, Rükl 22

external image normal_Marco-Polo_LO-IV-109H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-109H Marco Polo is in the center with only the sunlit west rim being clear. At the bottom is 7-km diameter Marco Polo A.


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(IAU Directions) MARCO POLO.--A small and very irregularly-shaped enclosure (difficult to see satisfactorily) on the S. flank of the Apennines. It is hemmed in on every side by mountains.


Marco Polo

Additional Information

  • IAU page: Marco Polo
  • Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
    • Westfall, 2000: 0.36 km
  • Satellite craters Marco Polo D and F are on the ALPO list of bright ray craters.
  • Included on the ALPO list of banded craters
  • Marco Polo B, a high-albedo crater, shows two extremely small ray-craterlets on the northwestern part of its floor. Are those two included in the list of the lunar surface's most recently impacted projectiles? Or are they of the same source which created Marco Polo B itself? - DannyCaes Jun 9, 2012 (see: LRO's Act-React Quick Map).


  • Named for Marco Polo (September 15, 1254 – January 9, 1324 at earliest but no later than June 1325), a Venetian trader and explorer who gained fame for his worldwide travels, recorded in the book Il Milione ("The Million" or The Travels of Marco Polo).
  • According to Whitaker (p. 219) this name was first introduced by Mädler. Supposedly in the map of Blagg and Müller its location was unclear, and it was "moved" in the 1960's to better conform to Mädler's original intention (Whitaker, p. 235).

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