Lacus Felicitatis

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Lacus Felicitatis

Lat: 19.0°N, Long: 5.0°E, Diam: 90 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 22

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Lacus Felicitatis was captured on many orbital frames made during the Apollo program.
Apollo 17's oblique southward looking Fairchild-camera frame AS17-M-1673 shows Lacus Felicitatis near the frame's right margin, while AS17-M-2426 shows it near the frame's centre.
Research Danny Caes


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Lacus Felicitatis

Additional Information

Orbital Hasselblad photographs of the D-shaped formation Ina near Lacus Felicitatis, made by the astronauts of Apollo 15 and Apollo 17: (D.Caes research).
Apollo 15, Magazine QQ (black and white)
AS15-81-11013 (high sun)
Apollo 15, Magazine RR (black and white)
AS15-95-12893 (high sun)
AS15-95-12894 (high sun)
Apollo 17, Magazine OO (color)
AS17-151-23259 (in the distance)
Apollo 17, Magazine PP (color)
AS17-152-23286 (high sun)
AS17-152-23287 (see also: Apollo 17 Preliminary Science Report, page 4-23).
Apollo 17, Magazine MM (color)
Apollo 17, Magazine QQ (black and white)
AS17-154-23672 (see also: Apollo 17 Preliminary Science Report, page 30-15).
  • For examples of Apollo photos of Ina at much higher resolution see the freely available article by G. J. Taylor (2006) which includes some of the startlingly clear images from the article in Nature by Schultz, Staid and Pieters (2006).

Ina's remarkable bluish coloration

Apollo 17's orbital color Hasselblads of the Lacus Felicitatis region show very well Ina's remarkable bluish coloration. This blue color is also noticeable on the LROC's WAC Albedo/Color Map, see close-up of the Lacus Felicitatis region:


- "Lake of Happiness".
- Called the Saddled Donkey by the dedicated observer of the moon Aleksander Božič (SandiBandi) from Slovenia, see comments section below this page.

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