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Julienne (near Rima Hadley)

Lat: 26.06°N, Long: 3.13°E, Diam: 1.8 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 22

external image normal_Julienne_LO-V-105M_LTVT.JPGjulienne-small.jpg
Left: LO-V-105M A small part of Rima Hadley is visible in the lower right. Julienne is west of the rille, on the side opposite that visited by the Apollo astronauts.
Right: LROC NAC M126907915RE (annotated and normal views – note: original NAC image is rotated by 180 degrees in link)


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AS15-87-11720 shows peanut-shaped Julienne near the photograph's upper margin, while Rima Hadley runs all over the field of view. Apollo 15's landing site is near the lower right corner (left of the North Complex with its pronounced crater Pluton). Mount Hadley Delta and crater Saint George are seen in the lower left corner. Part of Hill 305 (Fresnel Ridge) is seen in the upper right corner. North is rightward. - DannyCaes Nov 26, 2007


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French female name.

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