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Lat: 28.2°N, Long: 37.0°W, Diam: 6 km, Depth: 0.17 km, Rükl: 19

external image normal_Fedorov_AS15-M-2332_LTVT.JPG


Left: Apollo 15 M-2332 Fedorov is the oddly-shaped depression at center, below the peak. Right: Color-coded topography LAC 39 from USGS Digital Atlas.


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  • Fedorov was also captured on Apollo 15's orbital Hasselblad image AS15-92-12469 (Magazine 92/OO).
  • See also: the central parts of Apollo 15's orbital ITEK-panoramic frames AS15-P-10298 and 10303.
  • Additional research orbital Apollo 15 photographs: Danny Caes


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Description: Wikipedia


Additional Information

  • Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
    • Westfall, 2000: 0.17 km
  • Slightly northeast of Fedorov (between Fedorov and Mons Delisle) is a curious guitar- or bottle-shaped depression. This "Guitar"/"Bottle" was photographed during the mission of Apollo 15, on black-and-white Hasselblad film: AS15-92-12470 and AS15-81-10983. Research: Danny Caes.
  • Warning: the location of the small depression Felix (between Euler and Lambert) was, on certain digital lunar atlases, erroneously positioned at Fedorov.- DannyCaes Jan 23, 2010


  • Named for A. P. Fedorov (1872-1920), a Russian rocket scientist.
  • This name was introduced on LTO-39B1 (for which it served as the title). It does not seem to have replaced a previously named feature. The name was "approved as assigned" in IAU Transactions XVIIB (1979). - Jim Mosher

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