Dorsum Azara

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Dorsum Azara

Lat: 26.7°N, Long: 19.2°E, Length: 105 km, Height: 0.15 km, Rükl: 24

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Consolidated Lunar Atlas; Plate C7 Dorsum Azara is the ridge to the west of Bessel D, running roughly from Bessel H to Linné D. More specifically, the feature provisionally named on LTO-42A3 was the segment of thin sunlit ridge just east of the small crater at 8 o'clock from Bessel D in this Earth-based view of the central floor of Mare Serenitatis.


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  • Although it doesn't show Dorsum Azara, orbital Hasselblad AS15-87-11697 was made VERY near it! This photograph shows Apollo 15's CSM Endeavour over the area south of craterlet Bessel H (at the right margin). Craterlet Bessel H's coordinates are: 25°30' North/ 20° East (northwest of Sarabhai [Bessel A]). - DannyCaes Dec 27, 2007


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Dorsum Azara

Additional Information

Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
  • Viscardy, 1985: 0.15 km


  • Named for Felix De Azara (1746-1811), a Spanish Earth scientist. Note: the dates of birth and death given here are from the IAU citation. The Wikipedia article gives quite different dates.
  • The southern end of this ridge appears on LTO-42A3 (February, 1974), where Dorsum Azara is listed as a provisional name pending IAU approval. The northern end of Dorsum Azara would be expected to appear on LTO-42A2, which was never published.
  • Dorsum Azara was in a list of 120 provisional names from the LTO map series approved "as now assigned and printed" on those maps in IAU Transactions XVIB (1976).

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