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Chandler (and nearby Highland Ponds)

Lat: 43.63°N, Long: 171.65°E, Diam: 88.6 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside), pre-Nectarian

external image normal_chandler-large.jpg


Left: Annotated Clementine image from PDS Map-A-Planet. Right: Color-coded Lac 32 image from USGS Digital Atlas


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(LAC zone 32B4) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


Chandler, to all intents and purposes, is a crater 'that is that was' -- just look at the Clementine image above and one would find it very hard to distinguish any semblence of a crater existing at all. There is one there, however, amidst all the numerous small and large impacts which has, virtually, eliminated nearly all its rim -- particularly in its south and south-western regions, along with its floor that has been altered beyond relief. The crater, thus, is very hard to see in any image or representation, however, it might well be worth mentioning that D'Alembert -- a Nectarian aged crater lying some 200 km off to Chandler's north-west -- may be responsible, in part, for its elusive appearance; covering portions of the crater with an ejecta blanket.- JohnMoore2



Additional Information

Highland Ponds near Chandler

Strange as it is, there seems to be only one location of (so-called) Highland Ponds on the moon, but... unfortunately it's on the farside (LAC 32: west-southwest of Chandler, east-southeast of Langevin, northeast of Golovin, north-northwest of Hutton) (about halfway between Chandler and Golovin) (nearer to Chandler than to Golovin or Langevin, which means it should receive the name Chandler Highland Ponds instead of just "Highland Ponds"). - DannyCaes Jun 17, 2016
See also: Highland Ponds low-sun controlled NAC mosaic (LROC RDR Products pages).
Some of these clusters of highland ponds look like miniature versions of Mare Australe. - DannyCaes Feb 18, 2018


Seth Carlo Chandler; American astronomer (1846-1913).
Chandler Highland Ponds (an unofficial name from D.Caes for the small region of (so-called) Highland Ponds west-southwest of Chandler).
The floor of the officially unnamed crater west of Chandler (at Latitude 42.00 / Longitude 166.00) also contains several highland ponds. Why doesn't this crater have a name or official letter designation? It is a good and recognizable location to start one's own exploration of the multitude of highland ponds in this region.

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