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Andronov - on the SW part of Gagarin's rim

Lat: 22.7°S, Long: 146.1°E, Diam: 16 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)
Left: Annotated view of Gagarin from Lunar Orbiter image I-116-M. Middle: Annotated combination of Apollo images AS15-M-0468, AS15-M-0293, AS15-M-0296, AS15-M-0297. Right: Color-coded LAC 102 from USGS Digital Atlas.


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(LAC zone 102B3) LTO map


Andronov lies on the south-western rim of Gagarin -- a 265 km-wide diameter crater of the pre-Nectarian age (~ 4.6 - 3.92 bn years). Several craters in Gagarin's floor are similar in size to Andronov, however, while its bowl shaped, sharp-ish rim looks relatively fresh to most, it too shows signs of impact history -- having one or two smaller craters on its rim. The large, right-most crater in the Apollo image above is Raspletin, which lies on Gagarin's south-eastern rim -- itself lying very close to the outer ring of the South Pole Aitken Basin.

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Aleksandr Aleksandrovich; Soviet physicist (1901-1952).

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