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(formerly Langrenus D)

Lat: 10.4°S, Long: 55.8°E, Diam: 8 km, Depth: 1.11 km, Rükl: 48

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  • The first orbital Hasselblad photograph of Apollo 8's Magazine 13-E (AS8-13-2215) shows an oblique southward looking close up of bowl-shaped crater Langrenus D (Al-Marrakushi) in the southern part of Mare Fecunditatis.
  • An interesting mosaic (AS8-13-2215 to 2227), created by David Woods and Frank O'Brien of the Apollo 8 Flight Journal, shows the location of Al-Marrakushi related to the known region of Goclenius and Colombo (southward looking view).
  • Al Marrakushi's odd surrounding high-albedo streaks (ejecta rays from Langrenus) are noticeable on several oblique south looking frames made by the orbital Mapping/Metric Fairchild camera of Apollo 15. Of these, AS15-M-2533 shows Al-Marrakushi near the centre of the frame.
  • Oblique southward looking close up photographs of Al-Marrakushi were also made during the mission of Apollo 16, such as orbital ITEK-panoramic frames AS16-P-4442 and AS16-P-4447. In both frames, bowl-shaped crater Al-Marrakushi is noticeable near the left margins. Note also the bright ray-like material from its larger neighbour in the east: Langrenus.
  • Apollo 16's Fairchild camera frame AS16-M-0671 shows Al-Marrakushi slightly to the left of the frame's centre.
  • Research orbital Apollo photography: Danny Caes


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