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Rimae Littrow (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII)

(unofficially known as Fossae Littrow)
Lat: 22.1°N, Long: 29.9°E, Length: 115 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 25
external image normal_Rimae-Littrow_AS17-M-0446_LTVT.JPGexternal image normal_Rimae_Littrow_LO_iv_078_h3.jpg
Left: Apollo 17 image; AS17-M-0446 This Apollo 17 Metric Camera view shows the southern part of the Rimae Littrow system. Clerke is the deeply-shadowed 6-km circular crater in the center, with the much smaller craters of Catena Littrow in the bright area to its north. 30-km Littrow, the namesake of both the rilles and the crater chain, is partially visible along the right margin. The Apollo 17 Landing Site is below it, along the bottom right margin. Right: LOIV 078 H3


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  • Lunar Orbiter 5's frames 066, 067, 068, and 069 are four photographs of Clerke and the surrounding Rimae Littrow (up to Dorsa Aldrovandi). - DannyCaes Mar 25, 2008
  • Apollo 15's orbital Hasselblad frame AS15-87-11710 shows a close-up of the northern portion of Rimae Littrow- tychocrater Dec 16, 2008


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Rimae Littrow

Additional Information

  • Are the main parts of Rimae Littrow (parts I and II) connected with the main part of Rimae Chacornac? - DannyCaes Nov 3, 2017


  • Named after the nearby crater. (Littrow)
  • The original IAU nomenclature of Blagg and Müller had only one Roman-numeralled rille named after Littrow.
  • Unofficially known as Fossae Littrow, see Lunar Topographic Orthophotomaps 42-C2, 43-A4, 43-D1.

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