Abul Wáfa

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Abul Wáfa

Lat: 1.01°N, Long: 116.65°E, Diam: 54.18 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image normal_Abu-Wafa2-AS16-M-0625.jpgAbul_Wafa.jpg
left: AS16-M0625 . right. LROC . Abul Wáfa lies on bright terrain near King crater


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(LAC zone 65D3) LTO map



Abul Wáfa

Additional Information


  • Named for Abul Wáfa (940-998), a Persian mathematician and astronomer. He studied mathematics and worked principally in the field of trigonometry. He wrote a number of books, most of which no longer exist. He also studied the movements of the moon. He devised a wall quadrant for the accurate astronomy measurement of the declination of stars. He also introduced the tangent function and improved methods of calculating trigonometry tables and developed novel ways of solving some problems of spherical triangles.

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