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Lat: 4.02°S, Long: 87.33°E, Diam: 34.83 km, Depth: 0.25 km, Rükl: 49

external image normal_warner.jpg

external image normal_Runge-Region_LO-IV-009H_LTVT.JPG

Left: Two LROC views of Warner under diffferent lighting conditions (WAC Nos. M119285839ME and M116917549ME. Calibrated by LROC_WAC_Previewer.
Right: LO-IV-009M This is an area that is poorly represented in any of the Lunar Orbiter images that are readily available on-line. The IAU-named features visible in this rectified version of a photo taken with the medium resolution camera are: Haldane, Talbot, Runge, and Warner.


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- Warner was captured on oblique north-looking color Hasselblad frames made during the mission of Apollo 14 in february 1971. Frames AS14-72-10025 and AS14-72-10026 show Warner in the foreground and nearby Runge in the background.
- Research Apollo 14 photography: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 81B3) LTO map




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Worcester Reed; American inventor (1846-1929).
  • This name appears on LTO-81B3. It does not appear to replace any previous IAU-approved designation. Although it appears in the cumulative list of approved names printed in IAU Transactions XVB, when and how it came to be approved is not entirely clear from the IAU record. - JimMosher

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