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Lat: 27.68°N, Long: 148.62°W, Diam: 13.9 km, Height: km


  • Image- JohnMoore2 The much larger crater east of Wargo is Joule T.



LAC zone (near the upper left corner of LAC 52)


  • Bowl-shaped high albedo crater on the western part of Joule T's rim. On page 104 (LAC 52) of the Clementine Atlas of the Moon (Bussey / Spudis) this high-albedo region (both Wargo and Joule T) shows up as a white spot without much interior details. - DannyCaes Jul 27, 2017

Description: Wikipedia

Additional Information

  • Wargo was officially named by the IAU on 25 July 2017
  • An investigation of the High Resolution NAC close-ups of Wargo and its much larger eastern neighbour Joule T in the online LROC Act-React Quick Map reveals all sorts of weird surface formations up there. I wonder if this might have been the reason to give that rather small bowl-shaped crater its own official IAU name. According to the rules of the IAU there's always some sort of scientific reason...- DannyCaes Jul 27, 2017


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