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Lat: 26.0°S, Long: 162.2°W, Diam: 32 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

image source LRO WAC


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  • Frame 39, made by ZOND 8, shows Walker near the frame's lower right corner. Walker is the pronounced crater with the small bowl-shaped craterlet at the western (the "lower") part of its floor.
    • Research: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 105D2) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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Additional Information


  • Named for Joseph Albert Walker (1921-1966), an American test pilot.
  • Perhaps it's interesting to know that there was also Arthur B. C. Walker, Jr. (1936-2001, American solar physicist).
  • And also... Arthur Geoffrey Walker (1909-2001, English cosmologist).
  • And... Sears Cook Walker (1805-1853, American astronomer).
  • And... Edward Craven Walker (1918-2000, inventor of the Lava Lamp) (was, or still is, a handy tool for those who want to illustrate a possible mechanism during the creation of the solar system's semi-fluid bodies!).

LPOD Articles


  • About Joseph A. Walker and the X-15 experimental test plane: I Fly the X-15, by Joseph A. Walker; pages 428 to 450 in National Geographic of September 1962.