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Lat: 28.0°N, Long: 88.1°W, Diam: 49 km, Depth: 2.51 km, Rükl: 17

external image normal_Voskresenskiy_LO-IV-188H_LTVT.JPG


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(LAC zone 37A4) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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Additional Information

Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
  • Westfall, 2000: 2.51 km


Leonid Aleksandrovich Voskresenskiy (July 14, 1913 - December 15, 1965) was a Soviet rocketry scientist and self-taught engineer that led flight testing of missiles. He exhibited a complete understanding of the missiles he was testing, and was able to diagnose instinctively and correctly the root cause of any problem.

The unnamed (yet pronounced) crater southeast of Voskresenskiy

About halfway between Voskresenskiy and Struve H southeast of it, is a rather pronounced (larger than Voskresenskiy) crater which shows a low-albedo region on its floor. This crater is one of the (rather common) walled plains, certainly a typical example which should receive its own name or letter designation, but... nothing of this is seen on the LROC ACT-REACT QUICK MAP or on LAC 37 in the CLEMENTINE ATLAS OF THE MOON. Was it perhaps overlooked by the people of the IAU? - DannyCaes Feb 26, 2017

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