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Lat: 3.1°S, Long: 114.5°E, Diam: 61 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)
external image Vesalius_LO_i_136_m.jpgexternal image Vesalius&M-AS16-M0625.jpg
Left: LOI-136-M Right: AS16-M0625; south up


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AS12-51-7556 shows the triplet of craters H, J, and Z, at 5° South/ 119° East (east-southeast of Vesalius).
AS12-54-7952 is a pre-sunset close up of the same three craters (E.S.E. of Vesalius).
AS12-51-7558 shows Vesalius M, which was once known as Eskola (see Nomenclature, below).
AS12-54-7956 is a pre-sunset close up of Vesalius M/ Eskola (note the LPI's wrong caption: "Valier").
AS12-51-7562 shows both Vesalius and Vesalius M/ Eskola.
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(LAC zone 83A1) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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  • Andreas Vesalius (December 12, 1514 - October 15, 1564) was a Flemish anatomist who as a university teacher insisted on conducting detailed dissections on human cadavers personally. He can be said to have started what led to the modern science of medicine.
  • Vesalius M, at 5° South/ 115° East, was named Eskola in NASA's APOLLO 17 PRELIMINARY SCIENCE REPORT, Page 28-9. Eskola was possibly Pentti Eskola, 1883-1964, Finnish geologist. - DannyCaes Apr 5, 2014

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