Rupes Mercator

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Rupes Mercator

Lat: 31.0°S, Long: 22.3°W, Length: 132,4 km, Height: km, Rükl: 63
external image normal_Rupes%20Mercator_LO-IV-131H_LTVT.jpgexternal image normal_Rimae%20%20Hesiodus.jpgClipboard01.jpgPosnetek zaslona (93).png

Rupes Mercator zjutraj.jpg
upper left: Lunar Orbiter IV - High Resolution upper right: Eliza T. (north to left), middle left - Rupes Mercator in the evening: Peter Oberč, Slovenia, moddle right: LRO, bottom left - Rupes Mercator in the morning: Peter Oberč, SLO


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(LAC zone 94D3) LAC map Geologic map


This is a short ridge, one of the few remaining parts of the rim (interpreted) of the Nubium Basin. All basin rims are places where the terrain inside the rim has moved downward compared to that beyond it, but there is no evidence that this rim arc is a fault. The classic rupes or faults on the Moon have scarps, and although Rupes Mercator casts a straight shadow, it does not have a scarp face and thus labelling it a rupes is unwarranted.

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Rupes Mercator

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Named after nearby crater. (Mercator)

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