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Rimae Secchi (aka NASA's Apollo Rille)

Lat: 1.0°N, Long: 44.0°E, Length: 35 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 37

external image normal_Rimae-Secchi_LO-IV-066H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-066H The southern part of 22-km Secchi is visible at the top. The IAU name Rimae Secchi applies to the rilles on the right. The separate rille on the left does not seem to be regarded as part of the same system.


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  • Orbital photograph AS11-42-6307, made during the mission of Apollo 11 in July 1969, shows the the fork-shaped part of Rimae Secchi which was nicknamed Apollo Rille during the pre-landing missions of Apollo 8 and 10. This section is located at 1° North/ 44° East.
  • Apollo 10's orbital overviews of Rimae Secchi and its surroundings: AS10-33-4905, AS10-31-4517, AS10-32-4739
  • The "right" section of the LPI's scan of Lunar Orbiter 5 photograph LO-V-051-med shows a detailed view of the area which fills the lower half of the murky image shown above (LO-IV-066-H1).
  • The same area (the lower part of the image shown above) is also seen in another one of Lunar Orbiter 5's photographs (LO-V-042-med). This oblique photograph also shows part of the curved western horizon and very bright retro-reflection.
  • Research Apollo/ Lunar Orbiter photographs: Danny Caes


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Rimae Secchi

Additional Information


  • Named after nearby crater (Secchi).
  • The name Fossae Secchi appears to have been first introduced on LTO chart 61C4 (March, 1974).
  • The transformed name Secchi, Rimae appears (without further explanation) in IAU Transactions XIXB (1985), where it is listed as one of "56 names approved as assigned to features on the lunar surface."
  • During preparations for the Apollo 10 mission, Rimae Secchi (then having no official IAU name) served as a landmark with the unofficial nickname Apollo Rille (see LPOD US-1 and other Signposts).

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