Rimae Boscovich

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Rimae Boscovich

Lat: 9.8°N, Long: 11.1°E, Length: 40 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 34

external image boscovich-lo-iv_097_h2.jpg


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  • An interesting oblique southward looking view of Rimae Boscovich is Apollo 17's Fairchild camera frame AS17-M-1668, because that photograph shows the eastern inner shadowed slope of the main rille very well! (in this frame, Boscovich's location is not far from the centre of the curved horizon).
  • Research Danny Caes


(LAC zone 60A4) LAC map Geologic map LM map


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Rimae Boscovich

Additional Information

The appearance of Boscovich with the curious system of rilles on its flat floor looks kind of "cracked"; it's as if a dark frozen lake was hit by something of a violent nature.
There seems to be some sort of difference in height at the southern part of the large north-south running rille. In this southern section, the western part of Boscovich's floor looks a little lower than the eastern part. How would it look like on the surface, as seen by astronaut's eyes, or by a pair of 3D-Stereo camera eyes on an unmanned rover...
- DannyCaes Mar 17, 2013
See the LRO's High Resolution view of Rimae Boscovich on page Boscovich.


Within crater. (Boscovich)

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A Russian Masterpiece (Boscovich with Rimae Boscovich on its floor, near the upper margin of the frame).