Rimae Bürg

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Rimae Bürg

Lat: 44.52°N, Long: 25.23°E, Length: 98 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 14

external image normal_Burg%20Rilles-iv-091-h2.jpg
LO IV-091-h2 This detail shows the southwest part of Lacus Mortis. The crater Bürg is partially visible in the upper right.


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Rimae Bürg

Additional Information


  • Named from nearby crater. (Bürg)
  • The original IAU nomenclature of Named Lunar Formations had a single named rille Bürg Ir (Catalog number 654), which had reportedly been called Bürg Zeta in Neison, 1876.
  • In The System of Lunar Craters maps, Bürg I was the rille to the left (in north-up images) and Bürg II was the rille-fault to the right. Rille numbers are no longer considered official. Bürg II is sometimes unofficially called Rupes Bürg or the Bürg Fault. See Lacus Mortis Fault.

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L34: Strange crater with rille & fault.


Wöhler C., Lena R., Phillips J.,Bregante M.T., Lazzarotti P., Sbarufatti G. (2007) Vertical studies about Rupes Burg. Selenology Today v. 3, pp 65-79. This link downloads the PDF of the entire issue that contains the article.

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