Putredinis, Palus

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Palus Putredinis

Lat: 26.5°N, Long: 0.4°E, Diam: 161 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 22

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Source: Clementine (from Paolo Amoroso)


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Two of Chesley Bonestell's extraordinary paintings, online in Fabio Femino's page Collier's-1 show orbital views of Palus Putredinis and nearby craters Archimedes, Autolycus, and Aristillus (see bottom of that page). Research: Danny Caes


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Palus Putredinis

Additional Information

  • Mare area of 8,350 km^2 according to measurements by Jim Whitford-Stark.
  • The lunar dome (located in Palus Putredinis) termed Putredinis 1 has a diameter of 7.0±0.5 km and a height of 90±10 m resulting in a flank slope of 1.47° and an edifice volume of 1.78 km³. According to the inferred spectral, morphometric, and rheologic properties, the dome Putredinis 1 belongs to class C2 in the GLR classification scheme of effusive domes (A Study About a Lunar Dome in Palus Putredinis by Raffaello Lena, Christian Wöhler and George Tarsoudis of the Geologic Lunar Research (GLR) group published in the Fall 2009 issue of Selenology: Journal Of the American Lunar Society).- fatastronomer


"Marsh of Decay".

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Shiny Mound (the high-albedo "island" west of the Rima Hadley complex, at Palus Putredinis).