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Lat: 56.1°S, Long: 10.1°W, Diam: 51 km, Depth: 4.94 km, Rükl: 72

external image normal_Porter_LO-IV-131H_LTVT.jpg
Lunar Orbiter-IV-131H


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(LAC zone 126D2) LAC map Geologic map


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Additional Information

  • Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
    • Westfall, 2000: 4.94 km
    • Viscardy, 1985: 2.8 km
  • According to LTVT, the long shadow from the east rim in LO-IV-131H corresponds to a height difference of 3,800 m. The smaller drop along the NE wall is about 1,800 m. The sun angle in LO-IV-131H is not low enough to make a definite determination of the central peak height. - Jim Mosher


- Russell Williams Porter (December 13, 1871 – February 22, 1949) was an American amateur astronomer and explorer. He is sometimes referred to as the "founder of amateur telescope making." After designing modest-sized amateur telescopes, he was hired to help with the design of a 200 inch Hale telescope for the Mount Palomar Observatory. He was born in Springfield, Vermont, which is host of the world's largest amateur telescope society, Stellafane, first formed by Porter himself.
- This crater was called Clavius B. Called Porter in Section 23 of Wilkins's and Moore's THE MOON.

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