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Lat: 28.8°S, Long: 142.5°E, Diam: 148 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image normal_Pavlov%20AS17-151-23237.jpg
Apollo 17 image AS17-151-23237


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Pavlov is also noticeable near the central part of the curved horizon in AS17-M-1568, which is one of the oblique southward looking Fairchild-camera frames made during the mission of Apollo 17 in december 1972.
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(LAC zone 102C4) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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  • Named for Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (September 14, 1849 – February 27, 1936), a Russian physiologist, psychologist, and physician. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1904 for research pertaining to the digestive system. Pavlov is widely known for first describing the phenomenon now known as classical conditioning in his experiments with dogs.
  • Pavlov was among the long list of farside names approved by the IAU in 1970 and published in Menzel, 1971.
  • In the planning for Apollo 8, the first manned circumlunar mission (1968), this crater (which did not then have an official name) was referred to informally as "Grissom", a name subsequently approved for use in connection with a completely different farside crater (source: Phil Stooke's LPOD).

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