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Names of Johann Philipp Heinrich Fauth (1867 - 1941)

Additional information to Appendix O (page 227) in Ewen A. Whitaker's Mapping and Naming the Moon; a history of Lunar Cartography and Nomenclature
Research: Danny Caes

Discontinued names, of which some are only noticeable on pre-IAU moonmaps made by J.P.H.Fauth:
- Horbiger (the IAU's Deslandres), named for Hanns Horbiger, Austrian engineer, remembered for his pseudoscientific "World Ice" theory (Welteislehre).
- Mare Avis (unlocated)
- Mare Horologii (the IAU's Lacus Temporis)(see page 209, Section 13, in H.P.Wilkins' The Moon)(at "Carrington").
- Regio Paupertatis (unlocated)
- Regio Sanitatis (unlocated)
- Schupmann (the IAU's Hell B in Fauth's Horbiger), named for Ludwig Schupmann, inventor of the Schupmann telescope and friend of J.P.H.Fauth.

Official names still printed on modern moonmaps:
- Brenner
- Drygalski
- Lagalla
- Montanari
- Sven Hedin (not used in Mary Blagg's Named Lunar Formations, although this name was reinstated on the same feature in 1964)
- Trouvelot
- Weinek

One name of Ernest Debes (1840 - 1923)

- Jura (Montes Jura)

For articles on J.P.H.Fauth's selenography and the appearance of the names Horbiger and Schupmann on Fauth's moonmap, see:
Sky and Telescope, november 1959 (19,1) 21.
Sky and Telescope, october 1965 (30,4) 202.