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List of Felix Chemla Lamèch's lunar nomenclature

This page is based on a letter from Ewen A. Whitaker to Danny Caes, August the 2nd, 2003.
Many thanks to Jennifer Blue of the International Astronomical Union (I.A.U.) who made the communication possible.

Important notes by E.A.Whitaker:
1: BALDET. Not in Blagg's 1928 list, but NLF has a footnote to number 933 (Cassini E) noting "Named BALDET by Lamech". But now see note 6!
2: DANJON. NLF says Lamech gave this name to an incomplete formation between Gartner and Kane.
3: DARNEY. Blagg's 1928 list says this is Eudoxus C, but NLF says that Lamech put this name on the current Darney. NLF calls Eudoxus C "Lamech".
4: DE L'ISLE. The 1928 list says "S.E.-part of Lacus Mortis".
5: MULLER. The 1928 list says "Parrot C", but NLF says Lamech put this name on the current Muller (note by me: Parrot C was also called "Millas" by H.P.Wilkins).
6: SIREDEY. The 1928 list says THIS is Cassini E!

-Athinagoras: Geminus A.
-Baillaud: Baillaud.
-Baldet (Jules Baldet): Cassini E (or... Siredey?). See note 1. (the I.A.U.'s Baldet is now on the far side of the moon) (Fernand Baldet).
-Bigourdan: location unknown. Could have been Camille Guillaume Bigourdan (French astronomer).
-Blagg: Blagg.
-Bojena: location unknown.
-Boquet: location unknown.
-Danjon: incomplete formation between Gartner and Kane. See note 2. (the I.A.U.'s Danjon is now on the far side of the moon).
-Darney (Maurice Darney): Lamech. See note 3.
-De L'Isle: S.E.-part of Lacus Mortis? See note 4.
-Delmotte (Gabriel Delmotte): Delmotte.
-Deseilligny: Deseilligny.
-Deslandres: the I.A.U.'s Deslandres? (also called Horbiger by P.Fauth). The name Deslandres could have been introduced by Antoniadi.
-Dominique (Abbé Dominique): Keldysh (Hercules A). Asteroid number 4020 seems to be officially known as Dominique.
-Drossos: Al-Bakri (Tacquet A).
-Dupont: Pico E (called Haas by H.P.Wilkins).
-Frédéricos: Endymion A.
-Gasser: C.Mayer D.
-Glasenapp: Calippus A (the I.A.U.'s Glasenapp is now on the far side of the moon).
-Héllene: Posidonius J.
-Kephalinos: Hercules F.
-Klepesta: Airy B.
-Lévisky: Trouvelot.
-Mariane: location unknown.
-Moreux (possibly Louis Theophile Moreux, aka l'abbé Moreux, 1867-1954): Gambart C (seems to have been called Dantes by Riccioli).
-Moumouris (Don Constantin Moumouris): Galen (Aratus A).
-Muller (Karl Muller): Parrot C (called Millas by H.P.Wilkins). See note 5.
-Myriame (Soeur Myriame): Eudoxus A.
-Neison: Neison.
-Pasteur: location unknown (the I.A.U.'s Pasteur is now on the far side of the moon).
-Pierot (probably Arthur Pierot (1867-1938; Belgian astronomer and selenographer), see also F.C.Lamech's article Aires Elliptiques): Darney C.
-Plakidis: location unknown.
-Potamos: Rima Ariadaeus (but: which part of Rima Ariadaeus?).
-Rodes (Pere Rodes): Lalande A (probably not the same as H.P.Wilkins's Rodes).
-Rossard: Ibn-Rushd (Cyrillus B).
-Roy (Louis Roy): Hesiodus B.
-Rudaux (Lucien Rudaux): Lansberg C. Note: nowadays, one of the craters on planet Mars is officially called Rudaux (Lucien Rudaux).
-Schlumberger (René Schlumberger, 1881-1955): Lansberg D. Note: a dome SE of Lansberg D is sometimes called Schlumberger Dome.
-Siredey: Cassini E (or... Baldet?). See note 6.
-Soulayou: location unknown.
-Stephanides (Théodore Stephanides): Romer A (also called Ataturk by H.P.Wilkins).
-Touchet (Emile Touchet): Maury A. Note: was Emile Touchet the first who made color photographs of the optical phenomenon Green Ray?
-Turner: Turner.
-Voutzinas (Spiridion Voutzinas): Fracastorius B.
-Wally (Cogevinas Wally): Bilharz (Langrenus F).
-Zinger: Cassini C (the I.A.U.'s Zinger is now on the far side of the moon).

I have detected the name Ataturk (Lamech's Stephanides) in H.P.Wilkins's and P.Moore's book THE MOON. It has not appeared on lunar maps and/or atlases. Could it be that the crater Ataturk was thus named because it is situated in the Taurus mountains? (on Earth these are mountains in Eurasia).
The name Horbiger appeared on the HALLWAG-moonmap (between brackets below the name Deslandres). The walled plain Deslandres is also known as the Hell-plain.

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